Albuquerque Threshold Choir

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Top 12 Songs
Second 12 Songs
  • All Through the Night (YouTube, WednesdaysChildMusic)
    Note: it's "slumber steeping"
  • Beautiful Gate (for actively dying) (no recording) (Threshold Choir)
  • Blessing (no recording) (Threshold Choir)
  • Dona Nobis Pacem
  • Eternal Light (no recording) (Threshold Choir)
  • Love Holds You (no recording)
  • Love Song to a Child (no recording)
  • Nada Te Turbe (YouTube, The Orchard Enterprises)
  • Prayer of St. Francis (YouTube, Angelina)
  • Safe Passage (no recording) (Threshold Choir)
  • To Thy Loving Heart (no recording) (Threshold Choir)
Other Common Songs