Forthcoming Works:
Published Works:
Forever trade paperback, Evennight Books

Dead Man's Hand trade paperback, Evennight Books


The Immortal Saga

Immortal, ebook and trade paperback, Evennight Books
Eternal (book 2), ebook and trade paperback, Evennight Books
Forever (book 3), ebook and trade paperback, Evennight Books

Blood of the Kindred series

The Betrayal (book 1), Del Rey Books
Heart of the Exiled (book 2), Del Rey Books
Swords Over Fireshore (book 3), ebook and trade paperback, Evennight Books

Other Novels

Dead Man's Hand, ebook, Evennight Books
Enchantment, ebook, December 2011, Evennight Books
Pet Noir, ebook, May 2011, Evennight Books


Coyote Ugly and Other Tales, Evennight Books (2010)
Many Paths:  Stories of the Ælven, Evennight Books (2010) read a sample


"The Cornfield" in
Across the Spectrum, ebook, Book View Café (November 2013)

"Hair Raising" in Beyond Grimm, ebook, Book View Café (March 2012)

"Clair de Lune" in The Shadow Conspiracy II, ebook, Book View Café (February 2011)

Emancipation, (short novel), ebook, Evennight Books, January 2011

The Cygnius sedonai Caper (short novel), ebook, Evennight Books, December 2010

"Rescue Work" in
Breaking Waves, ebook, Book View Café (September 2010)

"Zombi" in
The Shadow Conspiracy, ebook, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and Laura Anne Gilman, Book View Café, December 2009

"Monday Matinee Date" in
The Writer's Eye, July/August 2009 issue

"Stranded" in
Cicada, July/August 2008 issue

"On Swan's Wings" in
Cricket, October 2007

"Draw" in
Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2007.

"Dawn's Early Light" in
From the Trenches, edited by Joseph Paul Haines, Carnifex Press, 2007.

"Nite 2 Remember" in
Slipstreams, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, Daw Books, 2006

"The Courtship of Captain Swenk" in
The Blue and the Gray Undercover, edited by Ed Gorman, Forge Books, 2001

"Arroyo de Oro" in
Lord of the Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Eos, 1999

"Kind Hunter" in
Elf Magic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Daw Books, 1997
reprinted electronically in
Dragon Lords and Warrior Women, ebook, Book View Café (March 2010)

read "Kind Hunter"

"Emancipation" in The Williamson Effect, edited by Roger Zelazny, Tor Books, 1996
reprinted electronically in
Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls, Book View Café, 2009

"Glad Yule" in
An Armory of Swords, edited by Fred Saberhagen, Tor Books, 1995

"Coyote Ugly" in
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1994
finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award

"Pygmalion 3.0" in Infinite Loop, edited by Larry Constantine, Miller Freeman Books, 1993


"Doux Chausseur" in Il Etait Une Fee, edited by Léa Silhol, Editions de l'Oxymore, 2000
      French translation of "Kind Hunter"


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