The ælven are back…

Book 1 of the Blood of the Kindred series is back in a new edition, with a new title. This book was originally published with the title, The Betrayal. Have you heard me complaining about how many books are out there with that title? Trust me, it’s a lot. Or find out yourself by doing a search on the title in your favorite online bookstore.

Then search on “Blood of the Kindred.”

My brother recently asked me if this book has vampires. Well, since it’s an alternative origin story for vampires, yes it does. But the book is about social conflict, not about gore. There’s not a lot of violence (although there is some).

Nor do these vampires sparkle. They are actually elves whose future took a dark turn. (That may resonate right now….)

If you like fantasy, elves, Tolkien, female characters who do more than flutter their eyelashes, and stories of hope in spite of all, this book may be for you. Check out the free sample.

nagle-bloodofthekindred200x300Blood of the Kindred series, Book 1

ebook $5.99
paperback $16.99
292 pages

The immortal ælven were forever divided when one clan began a forbidden practice: the drinking of blood.

Clan Darkshore was cast out of the ælven, named “alben,” and driven west of the mountains into exile, their protests—that they must drink blood or perish—ignored. Centuries later, Darkshore’s leader, Shalár, burns with anger at the memory of the war against her clan, and weaves a plan to reclaim her former home and make the ælven accept the truth about her people.

East of the mountains, a young ælven, Eliani, takes up the sword after her lover betrays her. She has no use for the elegant, much-admired Turisan, heir to the governor of a neighboring realm, but when they find evidence that the alben may again be hunting in ælven realms, they become uneasy allies.

With the threat of the alben’s return driving the ælven to prepare for war, Eliani and Turisan discover that they share mindspeech. This rare gift could be the salvation of their people—if Turisan can persuade Eliani to permit the intimacy of his mental touch.

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Originally published as The Betrayal by Del Rey Books

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