Kobo Sale

Three of my titles are on sale at Kobo: DEAD MAN’S HAND – This one is showing up as $.99 – that’s not what I thought the sale price would be, but what the heck! Grab a copy – you need a ghost story for Halloween, right? COYOTE UGLY – …

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Happy Evennight!

It’s a glorious wet day in the Sandia Mountains. Modern calendars call this the first day of autumn, but to me it’s the middle of autumn. Fall began in early August, with the first hints of golden leaves in the trees and the smell of roasting chile in the air. …

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New Website

Long overdue, I’ve given this site a facelift. Old stuff should still be here, mostly. I haven’t been blogging much, but if I get the urge it will show up here. Otherwise the home page will feature new releases and that sort of thing.